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1116 North Kedzie, 4th Floor Chicago IL 60651
Phone: (773) 772-7170
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Other information

Other information:

Contact: David Pieper, Principal


Association House High School, a division of Association House, is located on the fourth floor at 1116 N. Kedzie in Chicago. For many young people, Association House High School is a second chance to earn a high school diploma. With small class sizes and a focus on individual learning, 155 students find academic success - sometimes for the first time. The small school setting provides a creative and caring environment for re-enrolled students; and as a result, 93% of eligible seniors graduated. Association House High School's curriculum is a performance based learning model based on common core standards. Course work is designed to meet the graduation requirements of the Illinois State Board of Education and to provide students with real world applications of learning.

Programs & Services

Association House High School currently serves 155 students ages 16-21 in Humboldt Park and surrounding communities. Association House High School's recognized program provides special education, counseling, technology, and individualized services. Mentoring and tutoring services are provided to ensure students are well prepared for graduation, and to help create pathways for college, trade school or viable employment. Additionally, the Family Literacy Program provides on-site child care, early childhood education and parenting training to parenting students. Association House High School provides after school tutoring to prepare for standardized testing as well as other extracurricular activities, such as band, music recording, yearbook, student newspaper, basketball and Gay Straight Alliance.

Students and their families have access to other human service programs provided by Association House: Community Services (adult education, customer service training and technology center); Behavioral Health Services (mental health, substance abuse counseling); Prevention and Educational Development (health and nutrition, HIV prevention, and parent training); and Child Welfare Services (foster care and intact family services).

Student Elgibility Age Range: 16-21

Minimum Credits to Enroll: 0

Credits Required to Graduate: 20

Instructions to Apply: Students can contact our front desk receptionist by either walking in or calling 773-772-7170 x1040 to begin the enrollment process.

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