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Other information

Other information:

Contact: Lisa Williams, Principal, and Tony Lyons, Vice Principal.

Chatham Academy Charter High School began its educational service in July, 2012 as a member of the Youth Connection Charter School system and managed by Williams Youth Services Inc. Chatham Academy resides in and provides services to the Chatham community and surrounding neighborhoods. Chatham Academy's belief that "Every Child Deserves A Fair Chance" regardless of their previous academic or social history and the philosophy of "By Any Means" has become an integral part of the Chatham culture.

The purpose of Chatham Academy is to provide a well-rounded holistic education within a safe environment for at-risk and former drop out students. Providing a 2nd chance to students utilizing alternative education strategies, heightened engagement and systematic positive behavior modifications, provides a high quality educational experience within a familial environment.

Student Eligibility Age Range: 16-21

Minimum Credits to Enroll: 0

Credits Required to Graduate: 18

Other Requirements to Graduate: Senior Portfolio; 40 service learning hours; Acceptance into 6 colleges (3 in state/3 out of state); memorization of the school philosophy for reciting.

Instructions to Apply: Come into the school Monday thru Friday (8am to 3pm); Bring drop papers, transcript, proof of address, medical record/shot record, birth certificate, emergency contact information.


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