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Other information:

Contact: Early King, Principal; Adrienne Procter, Registrar

YCCS West, a campus of Youth Connection Charter School (YCCS), is committed to providing youth between the ages of 17-21 and are under-credited and over-aged with culturally relevant and rigorous academic learning opportunities to enhance their reading, writing and math skills, as well as social growth to seek transition and achieve post-secondary success.
The YCCS West educational program provides classroom-based instruction with an average class size of 20 students. The classes are geared towards preparing students for the world of work, college or vocational training and for active participation in today’s global society. Core classes are held 5 days a week, each period for a length of 60 minutes for five periods, and 30 minutes period for students to address academic skills, character development, and leadership and career skills, with two semesters each year. We offer a combination of online learning with teacher assistance (blended learning). Basic courses are provided in reading and math, and are offered for students who score below 6 grade level as it is measured by STAR (universal skill-achievement test). Students are expected to meet the 10th grade level reading and math exit requirement or exit meeting the specifications stipulated in their IEP/AEP transition plans.  

At YCCS, students who are designated as Underclassmen are expected to meet a minimum of 2 year residency requirement. Students designated as Seniors must meet a minimum of one (1) semester residency requirement.

Student Eligibility Age Range: 17-21
Minimum Credits to Enroll: 0
Credits Required to Graduate: 21
Instructions to Apply: Contact YCCS West at 773-261-0994

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